Fearless Afghan Girl Kills 2 Taliban Terrorists With An AK-47 Rifle After They Murdered Her Parents

A teenage girl, who is believed to be 14 to 16 years of age, killed 2 Taliban militants after they murdered her parents.

People all over the world are calling her doings as a true act of heroism.

The girl reportedly used the AK-47 assault rifle that her family-owned.

She also injured a number of other militants during the gunfire.

It is reported that the terrorists went to the house of the girl in Afghanistan due to the fact that the father of the girl was a government supporter.

Reports suggest that the terrorists dragged the parents of the girl out of their house and beat them bot dead.

The girl then grabbed the rifle of her father and open fired on the militants.

According to local reports, the girl and her younger brother continued to fight the Taliban members before other villagers grabbed their own weapons and successfully drove the militants away.

The brother of the girl and the hero girl herself have been brought to a safe place in the capital of the province.

An image of the teenage girl holding the assault rifle has been widely shared on social media, where social media users have applauded the actions of the girl.

Many say the girl deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

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