Gay Couple Adopt HIV Positive Baby Girl Who Was Rejected By 10 Other Families  

A gay couple from Argentina decided to expand their family by adopting an HIV Positive Baby Girl who was rejected by 10 other families.

42-year-old Damian Pighin and 39-year-old Ariel Vijarra were the first gay couple to get married in Santa Fe, a north-eastern province in Argentina, and they decided to expand their family in 2011.

Damian and Ariel waited 3 years before getting a phone call about a baby girl who was ready to get adopted.

In 2014, the married couple got a call about a baby girl, who was born with HIV. She was 28-days-old when Damian and Ariel received a call.

It is reported that the baby was rejected by 10 families.

Ariel and Damian became interested in the baby girl.

They went to see her and decided to add her to their little family.

Ariel said, “As soon as I saw her, I felt that she was part of my life. The connection was immediate. We held her in our arms, gave her the bottle and she looked at us with her eyes wide open without crying.”

After adopting the baby, the couple named her Olivia.

According to the couple, Olivia responded well to her HIV Treatment and started to gain weight as soon as it started.

Years after the treatment, the couple received wonderful news, which said the doctors could no longer detect an HIV virus in Olivia!

By 2015, Damian and Ariel decided to adopt one more baby after a woman who heard their story said she wanted the 2 men to adopt her baby girl.

The couple welcomed baby Victoria into their lives.

Victoria and Olivia are similar in Age. Later this year, Olivia is going to be 5-years-old and Victoria will be celebrating her birthday in February next year.

Ariel and Damien work for Acunar Familias, a non-governmental organization that helps couples adopt unwanted children.

Good work lads, you just helped 2 young kids!

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