Georgia Reporter Alex Bozarjian Groped On Live TV By Man Running In Race She Was Covering

Alex Bozarjian, a journalist from Georgia, was caught in an unfortunate situation after she was groped on live TV by a man running in the race that she was covering.

The incident happened when Alex was covering the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run, an annual event, which happened on December 7, 2019.

A video of the incident was posted by @GrrrlZilla on Twitter, and it showed Alex, who reports for the NBC/CW+-affiliate WSAV-TV, speaking on camera as participants fly by her.

The video continues and you can see a number of runners smiling on the cam as they pass by, but a man changed the entire situation by hitting the woman from behind.

Alex was shocked by the incident, and it took her a number of seconds to get herself together.

The video that was posted by @GrrrlZilla was retweeted by over 5 thousand people and gathered over 1.3 thousand comments.

The man in the video has been identified as Tommy Callaway, a resident of Statesboro, Georgia.

Tommy was identified by a user on Twitter.

Alex talked about the incident later that day.

In a tweet that she made, Alex wrote, “To the man who smacked my butt on live TV this morning: You violated, objectified, and embarrassed me.”

She added, “No woman should EVER have to put up with this at work or anywhere!! Do better.”

The Savannah Sports Council, the council that owns and conducts the annual run, released a statement about the incident on Twitter.

The statement said, “Yesterday at the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run a reporter from WSAV was inappropriately touched by a registered participant of the event. Our title sponsor, Enmarket and the Savannah Sports Council take this matter extremely seriously and fully condemn this individual’s actions.”

The statement added, “Yesterday afternoon we identified him and shared his information with the reporter and her station. We will not tolerate behavior like this at a Savannah Sports Council event. We have made the decision to ban this individual from registering for all Savannah Sports Council owned races.”

The Savannah Sports Council announced that the man has been banned from registering for all races that are owned by the organization.

The identification of the individual has been shared with Alex and WSAV-TV.

Georgian authorities have assured that they will find and charge the man.

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