Graphic: Massive Olive Python Swallows A Whole Crocodile In Queensland, Australia  

Amazing images of an Olive Python, which is the second largest snake in Australia, were shared by GG Wildlife Rescue Inc. GG Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit rescue service group for native animals in Australia.

SSSSssssssssensational 💚🐊 🐍 Amazing pictures of an olive python Australis 2nd largest snake & Western Australia's…

Posted by GG Wildlife Rescue Inc on Friday, 31 May 2019

The images showed the python eating an Australian freshwater crocodile.

The images were taken by Martin Muller while he visited the Mt. Isa Queensland.

Crocodiles are known to be wild predators, but this freshwater crocodile was no match to the massive olive python (Liasis Olivaceus).

The photographs were captured in Queensland, Australia.

The images show how the gigantic python devoured the freshwater crocodile and how it squeezed the life out it.

The images were shared on Facebook and it did not take time to freak people out.

One person wrote, “Amazing pictures! I thought the croc would have won ”

Another added, “Oh my good gosh! How big is that snake??? How lucky to come across that, just amazing! Thanks for sharing.”

During an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Michelle Jones, the owner of GG Wildlife Rescue, said, “It’s common for them to eat pretty much anything if they can fit it in their mouth.”

Jones also added that olive pythons and other pythons can “unhinge their jaws”, this allows them to devour bigger animals.

This is really shocking and amazing at the same time, just another reason why I’m not going to Australia.

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