“Heartless” Thief Steals A Crocodile And 2 Snakes From Canberra Reptile Zoo In Australia

A thief decided to steal a crocodile and 2 snakes from the Canberra Reptile Zoo, in Australia.

The “unidentified man” managed to break into the zoo by 6 am of July 19, 2019, and managed to steal 2 pythons and a freshwater crocodile.

The Canberra Reptile Zoo released the CCTV footage of the thief and said that they were devastated when they found out he managed to steal the animals.

Do you think you might know this person?Approximately 6 AM this morning this heartless thief broken to the Reptile Zoo and stole several items including three of our much loved animals. The animals included jaws junior, our freshwater crocodile. Tim tam the stimpson Python And Zebra our hatchling jungle python. The thief targeted the animals specifically and also took several items needed to keep them as well as our register computer . As a non profit organization this has hit us hard but emotionally myself and the staff are shattered !!! Know anything please contact us privately .

Posted by Canberra Reptile Zoo on Thursday, 18 July 2019

During an interview with ABC, Peter Child, the managing director and the owner of the zoo, said, “Our security footage shows that they were targeting some of the display animals, two of our pythons, they went straight for those. Then they came back and removed a whole lot of products just to add insult to injury, they also removed our sound effects stereo and our register computer.”

Mr. Child added that the thief also took a tub from the back room when he was stealing the freshwater crocodile.

Mr. Child said that the thief knew what he was stealing.

The man stole a number of items that were capable of holding the animals.

He said, “The thief targeted the animals specifically and also took several items needed to keep them.”

The owner is in fear for the life of the freshwater crocodile.

Mr. Child said that young crocs do not live long if they do not get taken cared of properly.

Mr. Child confirmed that the animals the thief stole are not exotic or expensive animals.

Luckily, the freshwater crocodile that was stolen has a microchip implanted into it, so once it goes on, they could track it and maybe find the man who stole the animals.

Mr. Child said that the incident has shattered” him and the staff.

Mr. Child is just hoping that the animals will be returned to them.

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