HIV-Positive Man To Serve 24 Years In Prison For Infecting More Than 30 Women In Italy

A 33-year-old Italian man has been sentenced to serve 24 years in prison for infecting more than 30 women with HIV virus.

33-year-old Valentino Talluto reportedly had unprotected sex with at least 53 women.

The man admitted that he had unprotected sex with dozens of women through social networking websites by using a pseudonym Hearty Style.

Reports suggest that Talluto, an account in Italy, had sex with at least 53 women during the time.

The 33-year-old accountant passed the HIV virus to 32 of the women.

Other than the woman that he had sex with, 4 other people were infected.

3 male partners of the women and an 8-month-old infant also got infected with the life-threatening virus.

The lawyers of 33-year-old Talluto said that their client’s actions were unintentional.

The women that he had sex with told the court that Talluto refused to wear a condom because he claimed he was allergic to them.

Talluto also claimed that he recently got tested for HIV.

Talluto also denied the fact that he was infected with HIV to some of the women.

Reports suggest that the mother of Talluto was also infected with HIV.

The mother of Talluto was a drug addict that was infected with HIV, she died when Talluto was only 4-years-old.

Prosecutors urged the court to give Talluto life in jail while saying that he provoked an HIV epidemic.

The court in Italy rejected this, and convicted him of “grievous and incurable bodily harm” and was handed a 24-year prison sentence.

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