Horrified Ohio Couple Receive Pizza From Little Caesars With Pepperoni Swastika

A couple that ordered a pizza from Little Caesars were horrified after opening the box just to find out that the pepperoni was arranged in a Swastika form.

Jason Laska said he collected the pizza on Saturday from Little Caesars branch in Brook Park, Ohio, and brought it home without opening to check the pizza.

After he arrived home, his wife opened the pizza box just to find out that the pepperoni was shaped in a Swastika logo.

Jason said:

My wife turned and asked me ‘babe, did you order this, did they make it for you?’ And I turned around and looked as it and I could see the shock on her face and then my jaw just dropped.

Shocked by what they saw, the couple called Little Caesars to complain about their order.

She was later contacted by the manager of the branch.

Jason added:

The employees told him that it was supposed to be an internal joke that they were playing on each other and the other employee, and the pizza was never intended to go out.

The manager called and said that the staff that took part in the horrible incident were fired from their jobs.

The couple said that they will never buy pizza from Little Caesars again in their life.

Misty, the wife of Jason, said:

We are the type of people that support the diversity in our country, we embrace and love it. We just want to see this hate stop.

Little Caesars confirmed the incident in a statement and confirmed that employees that were involved in the offensive case have been fired.

The statement from the restaurant said:

We have zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form, and these franchise store employees were immediately terminated. We’re deeply disappointed that this happened, as this conduct is completely against our values.

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