Husband Knocks Out Cheating Wife In One Slap In Front Of Her Lover

A furious husband was spotted storming in a restaurant in China just to knock out his wife with a single slap after finding out that she was cheating.

According to reports, the woman was found by the husband sharing a meal with 2 men.

The incident happened on July 2, 2020, inside a restaurant that is located in the city of Baoding, which is located in the Hebei province of China.

The man in a blue top could be seen walking past a staff member and says “bring me 2 beers” before heading to a table where a woman and 2 men were sitting.

He stops in front of the woman and swings hi fist towards her forehead, which knocked her out.

Then he goes to the other side of the table and attacked a man with an empty beer bottle.

He then shouted:

This is my wife!

He then attacked another man with a jar of condiments and then a teapot.

His wife remained motionless on the sofa bench after being hit by the heavy blow.

While doing this, he said:

This is my wife! I’ve been watching outside for 20 minutes! Who are you? What is your name?

As everything happened, a family that was sitting near the table left right away.

The police are investigating the cheating incident, which reportedly left the wife and her 2 friends injured.

No arrests were made as of writing this article.

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