Iowa Man Arrested For Brutally Beating Wife With Wooden Rolling Pin And For Keeping Her Captive In Their Basement

Authorities arrested 39-year-old Matthew Allen Sites, of Des Moines, Iowa, after pictures of her wife, which showed injuries and bruises were shared with the authorities.

Allen reportedly beat her wife with a wooden rolling pin and kept her captive in their own basement.

Authorities arrested 39-year-old Matthew Allen Sites on Sunday morning after authorities found out he was keeping Molly Sites, his wife, captive in their own basement.

An investigation report revealed that Molly managed to escape from the basement and contacted the police afterward.

The police then did an investigation and arrested Allen for the horrible acts he did.

39-year-old Matthew Allen Sites has been charged with domestic abuse assault, willful injury, and false imprisonment.

He is currently being held in the Polk County Jail on a $21,000 bond.

Pictures that were shared showed Molly full with bruises on her face, as she was lying in her hospital bed.

She had broken teeth and 2 black eyes.

According to an arrest report, Matthew beat up Molly with his own fists, a wooden rolling pin, and a metal baton-style flashlight.

Amanda Tilley, the cousin of Molly, said the couple separated earlier and got back together recently.

Talking about the current health situation of her cousin, Amanda said, “She’s going to have to relearn how to walk, he broke her teeth so she’s going to need dental work.”

Amanda added, “We figured it would happen again. And we’ve told her several times ”he’s trash, he’s garbage, stay away from him, he’s an evil man.”

She continued, “But then as soon as I saw the pictures and I was like this isn’t the same. This is evil beyond anything I’ve ever seen.”

A GoFundMe has also been started to raise money for the medical expenses coverage of Molly.

The page that was set up by Amanda states, “Molly was beaten and held against her will and tortured. She is currently in the hospital and will have a very long road to recovery ahead of her.  We (her family) are asking for help to cover upcoming bills. She will need several different therapies, doctor visits, and dental work. Please consider helping if you can. Anything helps!”

Earlier this week, Molly was released from the hospital.

According to the family of Molly, their daughter can now eat and take a shower on her own.

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