ISIS Fighter Gets Killed By Drone Bomb He Was Operating After It Ran Low On Battery And Flew Back To Him

An ISIS fighter in Mosul was killed by a bomb that his drone was carrying after the drone ran low on battery and it flew back to him, detonating the bomb just over his head.

According to The Sun, the death of the ISIS fighter came during the Battle for Mosul.

His death was revealed after a security source came forward to share the hilarious story.

The security force source said, “We learned this idiot had wired up his drone with explosives but was killed when its batteries ran low and it flew home.”

The source added, “With a weak signal for some reason it detonated over his head.”

Quick tip, charge the batteries of your drone Mr. Terrorist.

ISIS used drones during the battle of Mosul, which is a northern city in Iraq.

The battle of Mosul ended in 2017, but troops are still in the area to make sure they don’t come back.

Recent news and security forces say drone attacks are still a thing in Mosul even after the battle.

The improvised aerial weapons are made out of inexpensive drones that are converted into flying bombs.

The drones are used to drop grenades on their targets.

The source added, “Drone warfare is hugely effective for insurgents. They can see where we are operating, choose targets then launch a coordinated attack from up to three miles away.”

The source continued, “This caused quite a laugh for us but the drone threat is very real. The fighter killed himself last year due to his own ineptitude, but is still keeping morale high today.”

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