Kind-Hearted McDonald’s Workers Help Specially-Abled Man So He Could Eat His Meal

Legends say that heroes wear capes, but sometimes, they’re just humans being good people.

A video that is viral on the internet right now shows 2 McDonald’s workers helping a specially-abled man so he could eat his meal.

The video, which is around 15 seconds long, was shared on Twitter by The Feel Good Page.

The video was shared along with the caption: “McDonald’s worker helps handicapped man while he eats. Humanity.”

The man, who was not identified, arrived at the McDonald’s eatery and placed an order for his food.

As he was waiting at the table, 2 workers arrived with his order.

One of them sat opposite him on the table and helped him out to eat.

The worker also helped the man to take a sip from his glass of soft-drink.

The video went viral right away, considering that everything in the video was just amazing and adorable.

People applauded the workers for their kind actions and went to the comments section to thank them for helping out the disabled man.

Here are some of the comments that were left on the video:

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