Like Father Like Son: Robert Irwin Shares Video Of Him Being Bitten By Snake

Robert Irwin, the son of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, shared a side-by-side video that showed him getting bitten by a snake.

Coincidentally, the incident happened to Steve a long time ago.

Robert is famous on social media for performing and doing the same things his father used to do.

While filming for Animal Planet series Crikey! It’s the Irwins, Robert was bitten by a snake, which happened to his father in his early days.

In a video that was shared by Robert on Instagram, he said:

Are you going to be grumpy or are you going to be nice?” as he gently takes it out of its safety bag. It’s alright, you’re going to go back home. There you go buddy. There’s a good snake. Aren’t they just the coolest? I love carpet pythons. That is a good size carpet python. That’s so cool. I’ve got to tell you, when I first found this guy…

At a point in the video, the snake could be seen whipping up and snapping at his face.

Robert managed to pull away, but the snake already did its job.

Robert shared the video on Instagram along with the caption of:

Wait for it. After a snake rescue with this cheeky carpet python while filming for Crikey! It’s the Irwins it brought back fun memories of a very similar situation that happened decades before in one of the original Crocodile Hunter documentaries! Maybe it was her way of saying ‘thanks’ for being rescued!

The video that Robert shared is very similar to when Steve was holding a carpet python when he got bit by one.

Steve was filming The Crocodile Hunter when he was bitten by the snake on his right cheek, where blood could be seen dripping out.

Steve also called the snake a “son of a gun” before continuing to talk in front of the camera.

He did it like nothing happened.

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