Man Eats KFC’s Fried Chicken In Front Of Animal Rights Activists During Vegan Protest In Sydney

A man has sparked outrage amongst the vegan community after he was spotted eating KFC’s fried during a vegan animal rights protest in Sydney.

A video of the man chomping away the huge chicken sticks was shared on TikTok, a social media platform, and it has gone viral since then.

The video already has over 245 thousand likes, and has a caption of “Meat eating protest in Sydney gets a hungry visitor.”

The incident reportedly happened on December 11, 2019, when Anonymous for the Voiceless, a vegan activist group, were rallying at the town hall of Sydney when the man appeared out of nowhere.

The animal rights activists were wearing masks, blindfolds, and were holding onto screens that showed graphic videos of animals being slaughtered.

The official website of the group says, “The mask has been used by Anonymous, as well as by thousands of others around the world in recent history, as a unifying symbol against the forces that still promote discrimination, corruption, injustice and oppression in any form in our society today.”

“By wearing the mask, activists are together with the trillions of animals that are unnecessarily exploited and killed every year by the globalized animal-food industries.”

The video shows the man standing in front of the protestors while eating from a KFC chicken box.

The animal rights activists stood still even after the man ate chicken in front of them.

Here are some comments people made after the video went viral:

“Why do people think it’s cool to lack empathy for other lives?”

“I’m not a vegetarian or anything but you’re being childish.”

“I must put that on my bucket list. Eating #KFC at a #vegan protest.”

“Not all heroes wear capes.”

The Animal Rights Activism Sydney, an animal rights group, posted an event on Facebook.

The event says, “The Cube of Truth is a peaceful static demonstration aimed at revealing the realities of Australian animal agriculture and facilitating engagement with the public through vegan outreach.”

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