Married Defense Attorney Works As A Part-Time Prostitute And Makes $55,000 In 3 Weeks

Katherine Sears, a criminal defense lawyer, reveals that she is a part-time prostitute who once made $55,000 in just 3 weeks.

Sears, married, started to work as a prostitute 3-years-ago when she was 27-years-old. She said her request was approved by her husband.

Katherine says spends 3 weeks at a time working at a brothel in Nevada, where prostitution is considered legal.

Mother of one kid, Katherine says she loves sex.

During her interview with KCCI, she said, “I like sex. Sex is fun, and I can get paid for it. I think the more we talk about it, the better our chances are of getting the decriminalization that we’re pursuing. We’re not going to have legislation change if we’re passive about it.”

Katherine said she doesn’t really know how much money she has made out of prostitution, but she did confirm that she once made $55,000 in just 3 weeks.

During her interview with KCCI, she added, “I’d have to get my taxes out and look at it. The best I did, I made $55,000 in three weeks.”

Sears said she was already a prostitute when she met John, her husband, at the Drake Law School a couple of years ago.

John said he does not have any problem with her wife’s part-time job.

John explained, “I don’t really care that much.”

Katherine Sears practices criminal defense law with her husband when she’s not working as a prostitute.

Katherine says she spends 3 weeks in Nevada, and a week with her husband in their house in Iowa.

After Sears and John welcomed their first baby, Sears has been taking time off from her part-time job so she could focus on their baby.

Sears said she is also focusing more and is spending more time with her law practice.

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