Motorcycle-Riding Monkey Tries To Kidnap Small Child In An Alley In Indonesia

Monkeys in Indonesia are trained to do some acts, however, sometimes things might get out of control.

A video that was taken in an alley in Indonesia shows a small circus-like monkey trying to snatch a small kid, which is amazing and pretty scary at the same time.

In the video, a monkey can be seen jumping off in front of a child and attempting to make them run off it.

It is a scene that is likely to be seen in from Planet of the Apes, which is a pretty scary movie to watch if you ask me.

Another thing that makes it scarier is when the monkey loses a grip on the child while it was screaming and it came back to drag the boy back by the hand.

The monkey then decided to yank the kid by the hair and would make an escape.

Luckily before something bad happened, an adult came in and scared off the monkey that was trying to kidnap the small child.

The person that took the video said that owning monkeys in the country is illegal, however people still keep them as pets and use them for entertainment purposes.

Imagine going to Indonesia to have fun, just to find out that some crazy monkey will show up and steal your baby.

It looks like Indonesia is off my list for tourist destinations.

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