Muslim Who Murdered Woman In Paris While Reciting The Koran Might Not Be Responsible For Crime As He Was High On Marijuana

Kobili Traore, the 29-year-old Muslim man who murdered a Jewish woman in Paris, might not be responsible for the crime he committed as he was high on Marijuana when it happened, said a French Judge.

It is believed that Kobili tortured Sarah Halimi, the Jewish Woman, and beat her up for several hours inside her apartment in Paris.

Kobili shoved Sarah Halimi, who was 65-years-old, from the 11th arrondissement building.

It is reported that Kabili even shouted: “I have killed the Shaitan” after the incident.

Kobili confessed the murder, but a during a preliminary ruling last week, a judge said that his state of “acute delirium” could possibly exculpate him.

Kobili claims that he used to smoke around 15 joints of Marijuana per day.

The Psychiatric Examinations of Kobili revealed that his mental functioning was impaired due to his high intake of Marijuana.

3 assessments said that the long-term addiction of Kobili did not inflict him with a mental illness.

2 years ago, Dr. Daniel Zagury said that the ations of Kobili could have been impaired but were not that severe that he lacked total control of his actions.

Last year, Dr. Bensussan, Dr. Meyer-Buisan, and Dr. Rouillon, said that Kobili could have not known ‘the potentially inductive effects of a delusion’ that are caused by smoking marijuana.

And a Final panel said that Kobili was not in control of his actions when the murder happened.

It is possible that Kobili could be hospitalized for his psychotic lapses or can be asked to attend a drug rehabilitation program, and in worst-case scenario, he could be released.

Kobili beat Halimi, who was a physician and a kindergarten teacher, for almost an hour while the police stood outside her apartment.

Reports suggest that Kobili called Halimi a “Demon” before he threw her off the building.

Kobili also called the daughter of Halimi as a “Dirty Jewess” 2 years before he killed the mother.

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