Only In India: Dog Riding Pillion On Motorcycle Photobombs BBC Reporter Tom Brook In The Most Hilarious Way

Tom Brook, a reporter and a journalist for BBC News, was concluding a monologue of the episode that he was shooting in a running autorickshaw in India when a dog decided to steal the reporter’s thunder in the most hilarious way.

Talking Movies, a BBC film show, was filming a special episode in India and had its host Tom Brook riding in an autorickshaw when a dog riding on a scooter decided to photobomb the monologue.

The video of the incident was shared by Tim Kimber on Twitter and described the hilarious dog’s act as the “most Indian photobomb”.

The video shows the white dog standing on its hind legs while balancing its front paws on the shoulders of the driver of the motorcycle.

Here are some of the comments the video gathered on Twitter:

The incident happened when Tom was ending a monologue of the episode in a running autorickshaw, which is like a tuk-tuk, when the dog photobombed him in the most hilarious way.

The video that Tim shared on Twitter has over 1,411 retweets and over 4.1k likes.

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