Optical Illusion Tattoo Looks Like Man Has Hole In His Bald Head

A tattoo artist is currently viral on social media and is showing off the amazing optical illusion art that he did on the bald head of a man.

Matt Pehrson, the tattoo artist that we are talking about, gave his friend an optical illusion tattoo that looks like the man has a hole in his bald head.

Well, I do not want this to happen to my bald head.

Pehrson, who works at the Zion Tattoo Company in St. George, Utah, went to new extremes after doing a tattoo on Ryan, a friend.

The tattoo is known as an optical illusion tattoo, which deceives the eyes of a human being.

Pehrson inked a series of thick lines on the bald head of his friend and diverted them inwards into the back of his skull.

Along with the design are shading tricks.

Matt created an eye-catching illusion that left Ryan with a tattoo that made him look like that there is a massive hole in the back of his head.

Matt shared the picture on his Instagram page.

The picture that he posted has over 11,000 likes and thousands of comments along with shares.

You can follow Matt on his official Instagram page, @mattpehrsontattoos.

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