Passenger Forces Woman To Smell His Sock After She Asked Him Not To Take Off Shoes During Flight

When traveling by air or in a room that is closed and air-conditioned, we avoid removing our shoes because we think about the room getting smelly. But that was not the case with one airline flight.

A woman, who is Chinese, will forever remember a flight when she was forced to smell the sock of a co-passenger because she asked him to not take off their shoes during the duration of the flight.

In a video that was recently shared on social media, the man could be seen shoving his foot under the seat of the woman after taking off his shoes.

He could also be seen teasing the woman by telling her to sniff off his sock.

The woman asked him to take their shoes off and sit cross-legged on their seat.

The man ended up teasing the woman and even shoving his foot towards the woman and telling her to smell his feet.

According to reports, the incident happened on September 5, 2020, on a domestic flight by Sichuan Airlines.

The flight took off from Kunming at 7:20 am, bound for Chengdu.

The man also filmed the woman when she was telling him to stop placing his feet towards her during the verbal argument.

The video that was recorded by the woman was shared on social media to show how she was treated during the airline.

After the video went viral, the man that did the horrible incident apologized and said that he regrets he did such a thing with the woman.

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