Picture Of Mahinder Singh Dhoni Playing Cricket With Kids In Leh Goes Viral

Pictures of MS (Mahinder Singh) Dhoni playing cricket with kids in Leh went viral after they were shared on Social Media.

MS Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team, is currently serving the Parachute Regiment of the Territorial Army in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Chennai Super Kings shared the image of MS Dhoni playing cricket with kids on a basketball court.

While sharing the image on Twitter, they said, “Different field. Different gamepLeh.”

This is not the first time MS Dhoni has done something like this.

Earlier this year, pictures of MS Dhoni playing volleyball with a Territorial Army Battalion went viral on Social Media.

Dhoni was last seen playing in the Cricket World Cup 2019 in England, where the national team of India was out of the tournament after they lost to New Zealand in the semi-final round.

Dhoni announced earlier this year that he will take 2 months off from cricket and announced that he won’t be part of the Indian cricket team in the West Indies Tour.

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