Pitbull Hailed As Hero After Saving Fisherman Owner Who Was Attacked By A 6-Foot Sevengill Shark

James White, a fisherman from California, was saved by Darby, his pet pitbull after a 6-foot sevengill shark chomped on his leg.

The fearless doggo fought with the deadly sea creature to save his owner’s life.

Indeed, a man’s best friend.

James was fishing from the shore at the Bodega Bay in Sonoma County in July 2019 when he caught a sevengill shark.

James said it took him nearly ten minutes to reel the shark towards him.

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During an interview with NBC, James said, “The only way I think I was able to get the line back is because it was swimming towards me.”

James then went towards the shark and tried to remove the hook.

The shark twisted and bit down a part of his leg.

White said, “Immediately there was blood everywhere. The first bite punctured an artery. The pressure was intense.”

James immediately tried to free himself from the extremely painful shark bite, but he failed.

This is when his pet pitbull came in.

Darby was sitting in the car of James up a hill, and he rushed to towards his owner after he started to shout for help.

White said Darby managed to open the door of the car, which also amazed him.

Darby then bit the shark in its gills and caused the shark to plunge its teeth deeper.

White then told Darby to back off.

Instead of watching, Darby grabbed the shark by its tail and ran up towards the up the hill with the shark.

Darby is a 100-pound pitbull and is only 1-year-old.

James said he threw the shark back into the ocean after the incident.

James acknowledged the heroic act of his dog.

He said, “He’s been a part of the family from day one. Just now a little more,” White said. “If it wasn’t for him, I would have been a lot worse.”

What a good doggo Darby is!

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