Police arrest 3 people and seized 33 kilograms of Silver Bars from them in Hyderabad

The police in Hyderabad arrested 3 people on June 9, 2019, and seized 33 kilograms of silver bars from them, the arrest was made by the police after they stopped a vehicle was traveling to Nellore.

Police Officer Begumpet Ram Reddy said that the three people were traveling to Nellore when the police stopped them.

Officer Ram added that the patrolling officers of the area saw the vehicle moving suspiciously and asked the driver to show documents of the vehicle, after failing to present the documents, the police searched the vehicle and saw 33 kilograms of Silver Bars.

The police seized the car and the three were detained.

Officer Ram Reddy added, “The vehicle and the suspects will be handed over to GST officials for further investigation.”

The police have filed a case against the three men and a probe has also been launched to find where the silver bars were going to be delivered at.

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