Police Officer Punches Aggressive Black Woman In The Face During An Argument At Miami Airport

A video that is viral on social media right now shows a police officer punching an aggressive black woman in the face.

The police officer grabbed her and pushed the woman to the ground after punching her in the face.

The entire incident was caught on cam and was shared by Billy Corben, a Miami Filmmaker, on Twitter.

After the video went viral, the director of the Miami-Dade Police Department ordered to launch an investigation for the incident.

The video shows the woman and an officer wearing a face mask arguing at the Miami International Airport.

In the video, the woman could be heard saying “what are you going to do?” as she aggressively moved closer to the officer.

After that, the police officer punched her so hard that she fell on her knees right away.

The police then pushed her on the ground and handcuffed her.

Alfredo Ramirez, the Miami Police Department Director, said:

I am shocked and angered by a body cam video that i just saw involving one of our officers. I’ve immediately initiated an investigation and ordered that the involved officers be relieved of duty. Actions such as these undermine the hard work that we have invested in. Our community and causes my heart to break for our community and for the vast majority of our officers who dedicate their lives to serving our County. This will not stand, and I assure our community that any officer acting in this vain will be held to account. I have also just spoken to our State Attorney and asked that her office immediately become involved in the investigation.

Carlos Gimenez, Mayor, released a statement about the incident on Twitter and said:

This is appalling. It’s excessive use of force and unnecessary. That’s NOT what our @MiamiDadePD are trained to do. Ramirez has ordered the officer relieved of duty & investigation is underway. This is why I instituted body cameras & MDPD is reviewing all footage.

The police officer that is in the video was not identified by the authorities.

The identity of the woman was also not shared with the public.

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