Poor Pooch Had His Tongue Sliced Off By Groomer After Squirming During Haircut

Unexpected movement causes unrepeatable damage.

A poor dog had his tongue sliced off by a groomer accidentally during a difficult grooming session after the pup reportedly squirmed.

Scott, a dog, was having his hair cut at a pet shop when the incident happened.

According to reports, the incident happened in the municipality of Quata, which is located in the South-Eastern part of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Reports on the internet suggest that the incident happened on November 11, 2020.

At one point during the trim, Scott had to squirm, which caused the groomer to cut off the tip of the tongue.

The incident was a mistake that was caused by an unexpected movement.

Vanda Souza, the owner of Scott, was not happy with what happened and how the groomers and the salon treated them.

In a post that they made on Facebook, Vanda said:

They cut his tongue. My heart can’t take all this sadness. I even paid for this because they charged me. Unbelievable! He was always a happy dog. Today my dog’s eyes are weeping from pain and fear. He still hasn’t eaten or even drunk. Take care of your animals. Take them to whoever does their job lovingly. My Scott, my boy, my four-legged son, I want justice.

The post of Vanda has been shared by social media users.

Most of the 22,000 people that shared the post of Vanda are angry and are just unhappy with what happened and how the salon treated the incident.

Vanda did not reveal the name of the salon and the woman that cut off the hair of Scott.

However, local news agencies and some comments on social media indicate that the owner of the pet shop was the one that cut the hair of Scott.

Talking about the shop, Vanda said that they were really upset on what happened.

A public apology was not given by the salon.

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