Prabal Patel, the Son of Union Minister Prahlad Singh Patel has been arrested for attempted murder charges

The son of Prahlad Singh Patel, a Union Minister, was arrested on June 18, 2019, for being involved in an attempted murder case that left 4 people injured in Madhya Pradesh.

The police have also arrested 7 other people who are believed to be involved in riots.

26-year-old Prabal Patel led a riot in Gotegaon Narsinghpur along with other people.

The nephew of Prahlad Singh Patel, the son of Jalam Singh Patel, has also been charged but has not been arrested by the police.

Ishwar Rai, a victim in the attacks, is a 50-year-old home guard, officials said that he is currently in a critical stage and is fighting for his life in a hospital.

Investigations revealed that the incident happened when 2 men had an argument with the son and the aides of the Union Minister.

Prabal, the son of Jalam Singh Patel, and their aides brought the 2 men to the house of Ishwar Rai, and attacked them there, they called out the son of Ishwar Rai and he was brutally beaten with rods and a baseball bat.

When Rai came out to save his son, the men beat him up too.

The police said that a person open fired during the altercation in which Himanshu Rathore got hit on his arm.

The police have registered a case under the Indian Penal Codes of 307, 147, 48, 149, 365, 293, and 427 against twenty people.

Monu Patel, a son of a minister, is also on the run and the police are trying to arrest him.

Jalam Singh Patel released a statement about the incident, he said, “My son Monu was in Jabalpur when the incident happened, while nephew Prabal reached the spot after the incident. They have been falsely implicated by police in the case at the behest of ruling Congress bosses sitting in Bhopal.”

More details and news about the incident are awaited.

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