Rare Rainbow-Colored Octopuses Spotted In The Philippines

Nature has its own colors and it never fails to amaze everyone from time to time.

Octopuses can blend into their surroundings, they have the ability to change their color and even texture, this is what we call as camouflage. They are usually called as masters of disguise.

Earlier this month, two extremely rare octopuses were seen off the coast of the Philippines, they the rainbow colored octopuses were seen in Romblon.

What makes this extremely rare is that there were two of them. The 2 blanket octopuses were seen gliding in the water while they changed their color.

According to National Geographic, the names of these octopuses come from “the sheets of webbing that stretch between some of their arms. When threatened, they stretch their arms out, creating a blanket-like silhouette meant to frighten would-be attackers away.”

Another great thing about female blanket octopuses is that they can become 40,000 times more than the males and they can grow up to 6 feet long.

But, female blanket octopuses do not have a long life. Males die after they mate with females and females die after they lay their eggs.

Blanket Octopuses are also special, “Another unusual aspect of the blanket octopus: It’s immune to the stinging cells of the highly dangerous (to humans at least) jellyfish, the Portuguese man-of-war, which it uses to its advantage by yanking the siphonophore’s tentacles off and brandishing them as weapons against predators.”

The population of Blanket Octopuses is still unknown, but the recent happening was really rare.

Luckily they were caught on camera.

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