Rat Clings On Table Leg While Flood Waters Rush Beneath During Typhoon Lekima In China

Caught On Cam: Pictures and videos of a rat clinging on a table leg while flood waters were rushing beneath it during a typhoon in China have gone viral.

As the poor helpless rat tried to hold for his life, people who took the video could be heard laughing in the video.

The video also shows a woman wearing a purple dress, sitting on the top of the table and could be heard laughing.

As water levels rise, the rat also tries to climb up.

Typhoon Lekima, a strong typhoon, has hit the Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province, and the Anhui Province of china over the weekend.

Typhoon Lekima has killed nearly 49 people and emergency rescuers have been deployed to isolated areas.

The typhoon hit the Zhejiang province on Saturday with winds that were 190 kilometers per hour.

Reports suggest that waves on the coast reached several meters in height.

Nearly 5 million people in the Zhejiang province have been affected.

250 thousand residents in Shanghai have been evacuated so far.

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