Rising Number Of Great White Sharks Sightings Are Forcing People To Stay Out Of Beaches In USA

There has been panic on beaches in the United States of America after a rise in sightings of Great White Sharks was witnessed on the east coast.

At least 59 beaches were closed from July to the first week of August in Cape Cod and Islands.

In a report that was released by the Boston Globe, there were around 42 beaches that were closed in the first week of August.

Hundreds of great white sharks are gathering around beaches to fest on seals that are present in beaches located in Massachusetts.

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A research showed that the increased numbers of seals living in the area have increased the number of shark sightings.

Seals are the preferred preys of great white sharks.

The 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act banned the catching of marine mammals that includes dolphins, seals, and whales.

The act is the reason why a huge seal population can be witnessed in Cape Cod.

Earlier, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shared a video of a shark attack on Twitter.

The video shows a shark attacking a seal.

Authorities in Massachusetts are currently placing warning signs on beaches that say “People have been seriously injured and killed by white sharks along this coastline.”

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