Social Media Users Demand Action For Topless Man Who Used Delhi Police Car In A TikTok Video  

Yesterday, Saurabh Trivedi, a Twitter User, shared a video of a topless man who was seen doing push-ups on a running Delhi Police Car.

Saurabh said, “Save driving, anyone? @dtptraffic. @DelhiPolice Official vehicle is used to perform a stunt and make #tiktokindia video.”

The video is 15 seconds long and it shows a topless man stepping out of the Police Vehicle while its running and immediately goes on its roof to do push-ups while it’s still running.

The Delhi Police saw the tweet of Saurabh and said, “Thanks, This complaint has already been forwarded to senior officers for taking necessary action in this regard.”

While everyone was on the topic about the man, another Twitter User asked the Delhi Traffic Police about what sanctions or actions do they take for Officials who use the government-owned vehicles for their personal activities.

The user said, “And what action you @dtptraffic propose to take against officers who use official vehicles to drop and pick up their children from schools and wives to commute to parlours…..”

The police said that the vehicle used in the video belongs to a private contractor that was hired by the Delhi Police.

The police added that the person in the Tik-Tok video is not a police officer.

According to reports, the shirtless man is the friend of the private driver of the hired police vehicle.

Officials have issued a notice to the private contractor about the violation that has been committed.

Officials added that action will be taken against the private contractor.

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