Spanish Bullfighter In Extreme Pain After Angry Bull Gored His Groin During Basque Culture Celebration In Spain

Semana Grande, Bilbao Spain: A horrific moment was caught on camera, it showed a Spanish bullfighter gored in his groin by an angry bull.

The incident happened earlier this week during the Semana Grande Fair in Bilbao, Basque Country, in Northern Spain.

Paco Urena was pictured in Pain after the angry bull gored him. A photographer caught the horrific moment on camera.

The bull gored Paco Urena during at the Vista Alegre Bullring during the Semana Grande Festival, which starts from the 17th of August and ends on the 25th of August.

Paco was wearing a gold-colored jacket and bright orange tights when the incident happened.

He could be seen in extreme pain after the bull gored his groin.

After the incident, Paco was pictured by photographers smiling as he held the ears of 2 bulls as a trophy.

Over 100,000 people attend the Aste Nagusia as Bilbao every year to take part in the Basque Culture.

During the 1 week span, people party all night and watch magnificent firework displays.

The people who attend the festival also watch bullfighting and competitions during the daytime.

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