Spanish Military Parachutist Gets Stuck On Lamppost During National Parade In Front Of King Felipe And Queen Letizia

A hilarious moment was caught on cam when a Spanish Military Parachutist got stuck on a lamppost during a national parade, while King Felipe and Queen Letizia were watching.

Corporal Luis Fernando Pozo was left clinging onto the post for a number of minutes before an army vehicle rescued him.

The event was happening in Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid.

During the event, King Felipe VI was seen wearing a military uniform.

Along with King Felipe were Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia, his 2 daughters, and his wife Queen Letiziaat.

Corporal Luis was gliding towards the ground, and at first, everything was going great.

But shortly after he came close to the ground, the parachute got caught.

Corporal Luis was helped by a number of military men and eventually, an army vehicle was brought in to help the corporal down.

The flag was brought to the ground so the flag could be raised in the parade.

The corporal was comforted by the King and the Queen of Spain after he got down.

According to reports, Corporal Luis is a veteran paratrooper with over 600 jumps on the record.

Luckily, he was not injured in the accident.

The incident happened during the Hispanic Day, which is a national holiday in Spain.

It commemorates the date when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas.

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