SpiceJet flight SG 58 from Dubai with 189 passengers lands safely in Jaipur after tire blew up

SpiceJet flight SG 58 with around 189 passengers on board lands safely at the Jaipur Airport earlier today after one of its tires blew up.

The SG 58 flight from Dubai landed safely at the airport by 9 am today.

ANI, a news agency, tweeted a short video of the plane which showed the tire.

A spokesperson of the SpiceJet Airlines, said, “While aircraft was descending at Jaipur, Pilots were informed by Jaipur ATC of suspected tire burst in Dubai. The crew followed their procedures and landed safely in Jaipur.”

The spokesperson added, “Passengers were deplaned normally. The flight was uneventful.”

An inspection has also been carried out so they can know the exact cause of why the tire blew up.

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