St. Louis Man Used Snapchat To Lure And Rape 5 Underage Girls

A 19-year-old man from St. Louis, Missouri, used Snapchat, a social media platform, to lure and rape underage girls at his home.

The teen turned himself in after the St. Louis County Police asked the public to help them find the teen.

The teen was being searched by the police Since July 2019.

Tracy Panus, a police officer with the St. Louis County Police, said, “Every day that we don’t catch him, there could be another victim, so we definitely need to get him into custody immediately.”

Investigating officers said Dominic Yocco, 19, used Snapchat to communicate with girls and lure them to his house, where he would rape them and sexually assault them.

Officer Panus added, “This gentleman has posted stories on his Snapchat where he’s luring these girls in. He’s posting stuff on his story that enables him to reach these young girls, he goes and picks them up, brings them to his house where he rapes them, sexually molests them and then he brings them home.”

KMOV4, a local news agency in Missouri, reported that a 16-year-old girl told the investigating officers that Yocco held her down, hit her, slapped her, and raped her with a gun on 2 different occasions.

5 other minor girls alleged that Yocco raped them.

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Officers said Yocco raped some of the girls while they were unconscious.

Yocco is currently facing 4 counts of first-degree rape, 2 counts of third-degree assault, 2 counts of second-degree rape, and one count of first-degree statutory rape.

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