Taiwanese Teenager Wakes Up From 62-Day Coma After Hearing “Chicken Fillet”

Wake up, it’s your favorite food!

A teenager from Taiwan woke up from a 62-day coma after he heard the words” chicken fillet”.

Chiu, the teenager, fell unconscious after getting into a car accident while riding his scooter.

He was taken to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at Ton Yen General Hospital, which is located in Hsinchu County, Taiwan.

Hsieh Tsung-hsin, the director of the ICU, said that the boy had sustained multiple injuries, which includes laceration of the spleen, right kidney, and liver.

He also had bleeding from abdominal cavity fractures; common iliac artery bleeding; and serious damage to many of his internal organs.

Doctors performed emergency surgery on the buy and managed to stabilize his teenager.

However, he ended up falling deeper into a coma.

A craniotomy; laparotomy; right kidney nephrectomy; splenectomy; liver repair; and right clavicle and right femur open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF), were done on the boy to save him after he went through the emergency surgery.

The medical staff had to take one step at a time to save the boy.

A nurse at the hospital said that they were in a game of “tug of war” with the god of death.

His family never lost hope and stayed with their little boy all the time, said the nurse.

The 18-year-old was in a coma for 2 months when his older brother came to visit.

He started to drop some jokes and ended up saying “I will eat your favorite chicken fillet” if he did not wake up.

Little did the brother know that his words would help his little brother get up.

The doctors and the attending nurse noticed that the pulse of the boy started to accelerate and his vital signs started to stabilize.

Not only that, the boy regained consciousness too!

The 18-year-old boy is now fully recovered and he has been discharged from the hospital.

The boy recently returned to the facility with a cake in order to thank the people that helped him get better.

The teen credited his entire recovery to the tireless efforts of the kind staff at the hospital.

The director of the ICU said that the strong will to survive of the teen was that allowed him to survive.

It is still unclear if Chiu, the boy, and his family celebrated the release and the survival after going home.

I mean, I would eat some chicken after that.

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