Teen Shows Off Massive Collection Of Every Mosquito She Has Killed In Her Entire Life

Most of us collect things that are memorable for us, but one teen on Twitter showed her unique collection, which is full of mosquitos.

A young artist, who has been named as Delisha Day, has revealed on Twitter that she keeps every mosquito that she kills.

Not only that, she numbers her victims in a collection.

Well, the good thing is that they’re all dead.

Delisha Day shared the pictures on a before and after post that was made to take part in the very popular “how it started and how it’s going” challenge on social media.

She just wanted to take part in the challenge. Little did she know that she would end up becoming viral on social media.

Delisha showed in the first picture that she had caught a “macchar”, which means mosquito in the Indian language. In the second picture, she showed that she had caught a number of mosquitos and had made a collection for them.

On a page of a textbook, she made a collection of the mosquitos.

So far, Delisha has killed and registered 80 deaths in her book of death.

It remains unknown why Delisha wants to collect mosquitos.

Maybe she’s a machhar badmaash? This means she’s a mosquito boss.

What are your thoughts about the unique collection of Delisha? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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