The World’s “Loneliest House” Has Been Empty For Over 100 Years And It’s Creepy

Alone on an island where no one lives….

The world’s loneliest house is making headlines again and the history about it remains a mystery and everything about the house is creepy.

According to reports, the house, which is located on a remote Icelandic island, has been uninhabited for more than 100 years.

The house that we are talking about is located on Elliðaey, a deserted island that lies to the south of Iceland.

The house is the only one standing and it is really creepy.

The island once had a small population, but then in the 1930s, the remaining residents vacated the island for life on the mainland.

After some time, rumors started to fly out.

Some people said that the building belongs to a billionaire that plans to use the island as a safe house in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Some believe that it’s just a lone house.

But according to some reports, the house is not a house.

Instead, it was recently reported that the building is a hunting lodge that is owned by the Elliðaey Hunting Association.

The island is home to puffins, a type of animal that is allowed to be hunted in Iceland.

They can be hunted despite the fact that they are endangered species.

The island itself is a nature reserve and is protected by the government because it is a major nesting area for sea birds.

Storm petrels also use the island as a nesting area.

Imagine going inside that house to find something no one has ever seen and there’s no going back….

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