US Firefighters Apologize For Sharing Picture Of Dead Fox Killed By Power Line


The Hamden Fire Department of Connecticut has apologized for sharing the picture of a dead fox that it accidentally got into contact with an electricity cable.

In a twitter post that was made by the firefighters of Connecticut, the Hamden Fire Department wrote, “Several down power lines last night from the storm in Hamden. Unfortunately, a fox wandered near one and was killed instantly.”

The added, “While we apologize for the graphic pic, it’s a reminder that down power lines are dangerous! Stay away!”

The picture that was shared by the department showed the remains of the fox that was electrocuted.

Earlier this week, thousands of homes in Connecticut were left without power after heavy thunderstorms hit the state.

No human fatalities were reported by the authorities of Connecticut.

The Hamden Fire Department of Connecticut sent out an important message in the post they made on Twitter.

The department said the power lines carry over 500 thousand volts.

It doesn’t really affect birds, as they are not really good conductors of electricity, but if an electricity line falls on the ground, the electricity it is carrying starts to spread out and any creature or living species that comes in its contact will be electrocuted.

Every year in the United States of America, around 300 to 400 people die after they get electrocuted. Reports suggest that over 4,000 people get injured per year as they get electrocuted.

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