Video: Man Gored To Death By A Bull During A Festival In Alicante, Spain

A man, whose identity was not shared with the public, was gored to death by a bull during a festival in Alicante, Spain.

Images show how gruesome the injury was and how the animal charged at him and how he flipped into the air.

Even after charging the man and flipping him into the air, the bull attacks him again and managed to cause an 8-inch gash across his leg which damaged his main arteries.

One looker managed to distract the animal and get him away from the man.

The man was rushed to a hospital nearby and underwent emergency surgery, but unfortunately, he passed away hours after.

The Civil Guard and the Local Magistrate has launched a probe for the incident.

Lazaro Azorin, the Mayor of Pinoso, said that the city “feels the pain of” of the family of the deceased.

Francisco Albert, the event organizer, said that the man has been part of a number of bull events before.

Albert added, “The man who died was a professional who took part in these events regularly and knew what they involved. He certainly wasn’t a novice. The first time the animal got him nothing happened but the second time it trapped him against the steps and that’s when it gored him.”

He continued, “It affected an artery and he died on the operating table at the hospital after receiving emergency medical attention from doctors here.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased.

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