Watch: Cockatoo Caught Tearing Down Anti-Bird Spikes At A Town Center In Australia

A cockatoo was seen tearing down anti-bird spikes that were placed at a shopping center with hopes that birds wouldn’t create a mess.

In a video that was shared on Facebook, you can clearly see a cockatoo ripping out metal spikes and was dropping them on the pavement outside a mall in Australia.

The incident reportedly happened at Town Centre Arcade on Katoomba Street, Australia.

Well, you may have thought that the bird only managed to remove one of the anti-bird spikes, but well, you are wrong.

The cockatoo managed to remove bird spikes that were placed at the entire wall.

The video was originally shared by Isaac Sherring-Tito on Facebook, and so far, the video has been viewed over 2.8 million times and has been shared by more than 47 thousand people on Facebook.

Cockatoos are known to be very intelligent and friendly, a study that was conducted by researchers at the University of Vienna, the study suggested that cockatoos have the cognitive development levels that are almost similar to a 4-year-old kid.

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