Watch: Girl Lets A Bunch Of Snakes Crawl On Her While She Streams Videos On Her Phone

There are a number of scary animals out in the wild, and one of the animals are the snakes. Those cheeky little creatures just manage to creep the living heck out of everyone.

But not this little kid, LadBible shared a video of a girl lying down while snakes were crawling up her.

Here is the video:

Girl Hanging Out With Snakes Whilst Playing On Phone

No no no no no no! 😳🐍

Posted by LADbible on Sunday, 23 June 2019

The little kid was unbothered as she was too busy watching videos on her phone.

In the video, you could see 4 snakes, in which two of them appeared to look like pythons.

Here are some of the comments that the video gathered:

A user said, “Apart from being unhygienic, the snake and child look happy enough!”

A second user said, “Keep them fed and they won’t eat her, if they stop eating on purpose, remove her until they eat.”

A third user said, “Oh my dear God she’s a brave girl I be scared shittless.”

This kid just proves that she has the guts to be around something that is beautiful yet unpredictable.

The video currently has 1.1 million views and has been shared by more than 4 thousand people.

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