Watch: Surveillance Camera Captures Man Getting Hit By Lightning While Walking Dogs

A surveillance camera that captured an incredible incident showed a Texas man getting hit by lightning while he was walking his 3 dogs.

The video shows a man getting struck by lightning as he was walking with his dogs in an open area.

After the lightning struck the man, bystanders came and ensured that the man was okay.

Alex Coreas, the man in the video, said he was walking his 3 pet dogs outside the Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital in Texas when he was struck by a lightning.

The incident happened on October 3.

The explosion blew the shoes of Alex and also damaged his socks.

A surveillance camera captured the entire incident, and it showed a bolt of lightning striking the ground, which was near the feet of the man.

Due to the impact of the lightning, Coreas hit the ground, face first.

In the video above, you can see a person running towards Coreas after he fell to the ground.

Other bystanders could be seen running towards Alex to provide medical assistance.

According to reports, a bystander had to perform CPR at Alex.

The family of Alex said, “He sustained very serious injuries but by the grace of God he is alive. It is a miracle and a blessing that He is alive.”

Alex is now in a stable condition, but he is still recovering at a hospital.

Luckily, the dogs were not injured in the incident, but they were found in a wooded area near the hospital.

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