Wild Anteater Puts Hands Up To “Surrender” To Firefighters Battling Forest Fires In Brazil

Animals are hilarious and pure-hearted and to prove that right, we present you an amazing story that was caught on cam.

Earlier this month, a group of firefighters that were battling forest fires in Ipueiras, Brazil, when a massive animal came to them.

An anteater popped out of the grass and shocked the firefighters.

The anteater, which has been identified as southern tamandua, tried to rush from the smoldering bushes when the firefighters came.

However, he was not fast enough.

The poor animal was surrounded by flames and the firefighters knew that they had to do something to help out the animal.

The firefighters ended up following the anteater to save it, but he stopped and stood up on his hind legs.

The hilarious and scared little fella ended up spreading his arms wide as if someone was surrendering to the authorities.

The good thing about this is that the act the anteater carried out is pretty normal for them.

The position that the animal made is also known as the anteater’s hug.

Lieutenant Dutra, a member of the Ceará Military Fire Department, was in an interview with the Dodo.

In the interview, Lt. Dutra said:

He was scared and I think he felt threatened because he stopped, stood up and made a movement as if to make himself bigger so that we were afraid of him.

But despite having an adorable look, they are pretty dangerous.

Anteaters have strong arms and claws, which they use to tear apart termini nests and defend themselves against predators that are deadly.

They do have a week’s vision and hearing, but when they feel like they are threatened, they can become extremely lethal.

The good thing about this one is that firefighters that were present at the scene knew that the anteater was in danger and scared, so they had to move quickly.

They ended up saving the animal and removed it from the burning forest, saving them from death.

The firefighters rescued him and left him in a similar location.

They made sure that the anteater would have access to water and food.

This is such a good thing to do! Thank you, firefighters!

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