Woman Delivers Stillborn Baby In A Toilet At Hospital In Haryana

A woman in Haryana gave birth to a stillborn baby in the toilet of the government-run hospital, doctors used torch lights as the toilet had no electricity.

The family of the woman said the doctors used the flashlight of their mobiles during the delivery.

During an interview with ANI, the aunt of the woman said, “There were no lights in the washroom, they were using a mobile torch.”

The aunt said that the doctors at the hospital told them that normal delivery is not possible in any way and they will have to perform surgery at the woman.

The woman gave birth to the stillborn when her aunt was eating food and was unaware of her niece.

The aunt said the staff came to her and told her that her niece gave birth to a stillborn child.

The hospital released a statement about the incident.

Sachin Kumar, the doctor that was on-duty during the incident, said, “We had done an ultrasound earlier and it was clear that the baby was already dead.”

Dr. Sachin added, “When she went to use the washroom, the water broke, and due to urgency, we had to deliver the baby there itself.”

The woman is out of danger.

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