Woman Slaps Abusive Husband During Flight Because He Refused To Wear A Face Mask

People all over the world are wearing face masks to minimize the chances of contracting the coronavirus, but some people still believe that it is a hoax.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is repeatedly advising people to wear masks so they could combat the spread of the coronavirus.

But despite all the science behind it, people still refuse to believe in such a thing.

A proof of this claim that we have is a video that is viral on social media right now.

An EasyJet passenger found himself in an embarrassing situation after his wife had to slap him after he started to rant about face masks and when he refused to wear one during the flight.

It is a mandatory thing to do to wear a face mask during flights during the coronavirus pandemic, but the man was not into this thing.

A video of the incident is viral on the internet right now and people that have watched it are calling the actions of the woman right.

Fellow passengers of the flight were also wearing face masks.

The man could be heard shouting: “You are all being lied to, the longer you wear them masks, the longer this goes on.”

According to official reports, the incident happened during a Manchester to Tenerife EasyJet plane flight.

The plane was about to land when the man started to tell people that they were being lied to about the coronavirus.

An argument broke out and the man’s wife started to calm him down, but as he started to abuse her, she slapped her in front of everybody.

The man attempted to hit the woman back, but passengers intervened.

As per reports, the airline confirmed that police had to attend the scene due to a passenger ‘behaving disruptively on board and refusing to wear their face mask’.

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