British Man Pictured Wearing Live Snake As Face Mask On City Bus

If aliens showed up next week, I wouldn’t be that surprised, considering the things that have happened this year already.

But aliens is something that belongs to the fiction realm, something that you wouldn’t expect tho is a man wearing a live snake as his snake.

Still don’t believe it? well, continue reading.

Transportation officials in a British city responded to viral photos from a municipal bus by reminding their people that snakeskin is not acceptable material for their face masks, especially if the snakeskin is still attached to the snake and the animal itself is alive.

Images that are viral on the internet right now shows a man sitting on board a train with a live snake wrapped around his neck and mouth.

The snake was the face mask of the man.

A witness that saw the entire incident told the authorities that the man wore the snake-like mask. Well, that changed when the snake started to move around.

If I was the man, I wouldn’t bother to tell the snake anything.

The man was not wearing a face mask underneath the snake.

The representative of the Transport for Greater Manchester released a statement about the incident and told people about the masks that they can wear.

During an interview with CNN, the representative said:

This needn’t be a surgical mask … passengers can make their own or wear something suitable, such as a scarf or bandanna. While there is a small degree of interpretation that can be applied to this, we do not believe it extends to the use of snakeskin — especially when still attached to the snake.

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