3 People Dead And 1 Permanently Blind After Drinking Hand Sanitizer In New Mexico

New Mexico, USA: 3 people dead and 1 left permanently blind after drinking hand sanitizers, which led to methanol poisoning.

Not only that, but 3 people, who are suffering from methanol poisoning, are currently in a critical condition, confirmed the New Mexico Department of Health.

A report that was released by the New Mexico Department of Health said that a total of 7 people drank the hand sanitizer that contained methanol.

The bizarre cases were reported to the Mexico Poison Control over the last several weeks in May and are related to alcoholism.

Authorities did not provide additional details on the victims or where the incidents happened in New Mexico.

Drug abusers and some people have been known to use hand sanitizers in order to get intoxicated as it has alcohol content in it.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, hand sanitizers were banned in prisons based on the fears that they would drink it or they would use it to start dangerous fires inside.

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