55-Year-Old Man Arrested For Having Sex With Corpse On Steps Of Homeless Shelter

A 55-year-old man from Georgia, USA, was arrested by the police for having sex with a dead woman’s body on the steps of a homeless shelter.

Authorities arrested Kenny Whitehead, 55, and charged him with necrophilia after the police found him with the corpse outside a homeless shelter.

According to reports, the incident happened outside the Daybreak Resource Centre in Macon, Georgia at 4 am.

Responding officers said that the woman Kenny was having sex with had been dead for some time.

Officers made the chilling discovery after they told Whitehead to get dressed.

Authorities said that the cause of death of the woman is still being investigated.

Officials do not think Kenny committed the crime of killing her.

As of writing this article, Kenny is being held without any bond in the Bibb County Jail.

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