Australian Man Finds Massive Huntsman Spider Inside Headphones After Feeling “Tickle” In His Ear

A man was left shocked after he found a massive huntsman spider inside his headphones after feeling a tickle in his ear when he was wearing them.

Olly Hurst, a plumber, brought along his noise-canceling headset to work and when he wore them, he had a weird sensation.

Hurst, who is from Perth, Australia, found a huge huntsman spider lurking around the rim on one side of the earmuffs after feeling a tingling sensation.

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He also took images of the spider to show off on the internet the thing that he found.

A pale-colored huntsman spider could be seen sitting inside the earpads of the headphones that he brought to work that day.

Olly placed the headphones on the ground with hopes of removing the massive huntsman spider getting out, but it did not.

It was like that the huntsman spider did not want to come out and was happy that it had found a good and comfortable home.

He also shook the headphones with homes to remove the spider, but the spider refused to move.

He ended up dropping the earpods and walking away from them because the huntsman spider had taken over the headphones.

For those that are wondering, huntsman spiders are dangerous, however, they are not deadly.

The venom that they possess can cause vomiting, palpitations, headaches, and body aches once they bite a human.

Another thing about them is that huntsman spiders are reluctant to bite humans.

They tend to run away instead of becoming aggressive once they see someone bigger than them approaching their way.

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