Family Urinate Into Bottles For 1 Year And Stored 300 Gallons Of Pee In Their Flat

An entire neighborhood in Kazakhstan had to call in the police after having enough of the bad smell that was coming out from their neighbor’s house, just to find out that there were around 300 gallons of pee sitting inside their flat.

Upon investigation, rotting clothes, cockroaches, and 300 gallons worth of urine in plastic bottles scattered in every room were discovered in the flat.

The local police in Aktau City, which is located in Southwestern Kazakhstan, were called to the area after neighbors complained of the horrific stench coming from the apartment.

As the police officers arrived at the scene, they asked the owners to open the door and allow them to get inside, but the owners of the flat did not agree.

After showing a lack of cooperation from the officers, they were forced to break inside by using a crowbar.

Upon entering, they found hundreds of plastic bottles and other containers that were filled with pee, which was stored on the floor.

According to Mangystay, a TV channel, the mountains of rotting clothes and bottles of urine were found all over the house, which includes the kitchen.

Local reports explained that the parents in the house and Zhenya, their adult son, were forced to urinate into the bottles because they could not afford to pay their utility bills.

Zhenya and his parents explained that they had to urinate in water bottles because they had no access to gas, water, and electricity.

Unable to pay their bills for 1 year, they had to pee in bottles.

Across the span of 1 year, the family managed to collect a jaw-dropping 300 gallons of urine, which festered and radiated from their apartment until the police took action.

Neighbors of the flat said that the house of the family was a mess.

When the police went inside, they found bugs, cockroaches, and smelled pretty bad things in the apartment.

Svetlana Nenastyeva, a next-door neighbor, said, “We think Zhenya’s parents damage his life and have a bad influence on him. About two years ago he quit his job, switched to a reclusive life then stopped washing.”

Svetlana added, “This family is a big problem for us. We are tired to live in constant stench coming from their home.”

The neighbors are organizing a massive clean-up operation for the apartment.

As for the family, they were brought by the police to a hospital for mental health examinations.

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