Flat Earth Theorists Arrested For Trying To Sail To The Edge Of The World During Lockdown

2 Flat Earth conspiracy theorists were arrested by the authorities for trying to sail to the edge of the world amidst this coronavirus pandemic.

They were arrested for breaking lockdown rules in Italy.

The man and woman from Venetia, Italy, started their quest in the midst of Italy’s total lockdown. However, it was only reported this weekend.

The news explained how the couple believed that Lampedusa, which is in Southern Sicily, was the edge of the world.

In order to prove their theory, the couple sold their vehicle and bought a boat.

They did have a boat, but they had no navigation skills.

Their poor navigation took them so far from Lampedusa and ended up 40 miles north-west of Palermo.

They were tired, thirsty, and were at risk of shipwreck.

Lampedusa is not far from the coast of North Africa.

Salvatore Zichici, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health in Palermo, said:

The funny thing is that they oriented themselves with a compass, an instrument that works on the basis of terrestrial magnetism, a principle that they, as flat-earthers, should refuse.

The couple was brought into custody for breaching lockdown rules.

They were escorted to Palermo, where they were told to stay in quarantine and inside their boat for 15 straight days.

Instead of staying put, they decided to launch an escape bid.

The couple set off again, however, they sailed for 3 hours and were picked up by the harbormaster only a short distance from where they had started.

The couple was escorted back to port and were placed in the home of a man that lied about having the virus.

After that, the couple was returned home by train.

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